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Kick the Buddy for the iPad and iPhone    Kick the Buddy - AppZap

Kink the Buddy

Kick the Buddy is the funniest stress-release game for mobile devices!

Even if your stress-free person you need to blow off steam at some point or another. Kick the Buddy is perfect for letting out that stress. You can even put a face on your buddy from a picture from your photo library. If you put a face on your buddy or not you can take-it-all out on him.

You can truly get interactive with you buddy as you can kick him, make him a target of a missile, pull buddy to pieces, play mini-games with him dance and have a whole lot more smashing fun!

Kick the Buddy will de-stress your day!

You can check your ranking in a Global Achievements list and check all your friends scores. Keep track of your scores and earnings, and rankings!

If you are in the Holiday spirit check out Kick the Buddy Episodes

I really liked the physical simulated reaction of bombs and kicks, with replay value that will take up hours of your day. Your buddy has artificial Intelligence and comments on all your actions. So he can become annoying.

Kick the Buddy for the iPad and iPhone
Kick the Buddy for the iPad and iPhone
Kick the Buddy for the iPad and iPhone

Look at these features:

  • Fully Physical simulated
  • Lots of ways to punish or entertain your buddy
  • Kick the Buddy and earn money for buying new weapons, items and mini games!
  • The Buddy has artificial intelligence and comments on all your actions
  • Tons of Replay value
  • Retina Display
  • Global Achievements

All this action with beautiful Retina Display support, it’s a game to play with anyone of any age.

Download Kick the Buddy and get your stress out!

Kick the Buddy - AppZap

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