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Munch Time for the iPad and iPhone     Munch Time - Gamistry

Munch Time is time for fun!

Munch the chameleon is hungry and it’s Munch Time!

This cute chameleon is trying to get his tasty lil’ grub which is his lunch.
With physics based momentum you must swing from flower to flower with your sticky tongue to reach the grub. As your swinging through the air capture the 3 stars for the highest scores. Your time will stop when Munch eats the yummy lunch.

Munch Time will swing into your heart!

The goal is simple enough. Tap the flower to swing or tap the ground to waddle along to reach lunch. Munch will encounter more than just swinging, as the flowers’ pedals fall off after swinging from them.
Flowers come in all varieties and colors and you must gobble up the same color flies to change color, before you can latch on with your super sticky tongue.

Perfect the chameleons’ natural acrobatic abilities!

Plan your path to swing quick so you can avoid the obstacles that progressively increase in difficulty, like gaps, ledges, spiky plants and swinging spike balls.

Munch’s acrobatics skills are real-reptilian but you have to time everything just right. The flowers and flies that have special attributes will be the best way to reach lunch faster. Like the flower that quickly spins you around, the cannon flowers, floating dandelions and flying flowers. As physics’ gravity kicks in you plunge to the ground and roll into a ball on impact. Use this spinning for your advantage.

Munch Time combines beautifully colored graphics with fun skillful puzzles and simple touch-based controls. You will have to keep your reflexes sharp and sticky.

40+ different levels on 2 themes will give anyone of any age hours upon hours of munchn’!

Integrated with GameCenter, making it easy to connect with your friends and check the high scores and leaderboards.

Munch Time for the iPad and iPhone
Munch Time for the iPad and iPhone
Munch Time for the iPad and iPhone

Check over these features:

    • Swinging fun
    • Simple touch-controls
    • GameCenter
    • 40+ Levels
    • 2 Themes

Swing through the deep jungle on the flowers before they wither away.

Install Munch Time to munch some lunch!

Munch Time - Gamistry

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