ORC: Vengeance

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ORC: Vengeance for the iPad and iPhone     ORC: Vengeance - Chillingo Ltd

ORC: Vengeance

ORC: Vengeance is an amazingly beautiful, intense RPG!

The Dark Lord, built a legion of followers and has risen to enslave the Orc brethren.

Rok the Orc Warchief is the last hope to bring balance back to Argon, in a quest for vengeance, you will combat the Dark Lord’s army. Your quest will be treacherous, as you battle epic bosses in a deep, narrative-driven campaign. Save 4 different players’ quest on the same Apple ID.

ORC: Vengeance is an amazing dungeon crawler, that will blow-you-away with console-quality graphics.
There’s a cinematic effect to the visuals that create an environment like no other RPG in a dungeon-realm. The flickering light from candles and flames are beautiful.
They become almost life-like and will keep you impressed for months to come.

Take on the fierce fighting and tap-out a combo to demolish your enemy.

As you have an incredible world to explore, battle your foes with cool weapons. Choose from a devastating array of weapons to destroy the bosses.
Along the quest you will swing a two-handed battle ax, swords and mighty hammers. Master your weapon and learn everything you can do with it, and unleash the vengeance with combined skill moves.

Collect all the loot you’re able too!

In ORC: Vengeance you have to break open chests, sell items and kill enemies to uncover loot to spend on new weapons and armor. Find the loot books of the ancients and uncover the story of the Dark One.

The more loot you’re able to collect the faster you can up-grade your armor and weapons. Kill everyone you come across and find all the chests for the most loot possible.

ORC: Vengeance for the iPad and iPhone
ORC: Vengeance for the iPad and iPhone
ORC: Vengeance for the iPad and iPhone

Look over the features:

    • Epic Story to follow
    • Fierce Combat
    • Loot and Lore
    • Console Quality Visuals
    • Narrative-driven Campaign
    • Dynamic Controls
    • Game Center
    • iCloud sync supported, plus 4 game slots for those who share Apple ID’s

If you use your Apple ID with someone else you can save a game on a separate iCloud game slot. You are given up-to 4 game slots for different users.

Connect to Game Center and track the leaderboards.

Download the cinematic story-driven, dungeon crawler, ORC: Vengeance and save Argon!

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ORC: Vengeance - Chillingo Ltd

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