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PAC-MAN for the iPad and iPhone   PAC-MAN - Namco Networks America Inc.


All NEW mazes, challenges and Game Center!

No need for those stacks of quarters anymore. That’s right, have all the action of PAC-MAN on your mobile device.
The whole gang is here Blinky the leader, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde, and they’re out to find you, so pac on the points.

The objective is very simple, navigate the maze while eating all the pellets and extra points chomping fruit before the ghosts find you. Well at least it sounds simple!

Move fast for you don’t get much time to CHOMP Blinky and the gang.
If you chomp all the pellets you will advance to the next level. As you advance levels the ghosts gain a sense of finding you faster and become harder to avoid. Gobble-up the blinking power pellets and temporarily weaken the ghosts so you can eat them before they turn back.
Don’t worry about ghosts on all new ghost-free rounds where you can really pac points!

As with most games on newer mobile devices you are able to control the game by swiping your finger in Swipe Mode. If you don’t want to fix what’s not broken then use the on-screen directional pad in joystick mode, for a more retro gaming experience.

This new PAC-MAN supports retina display and gives you an extra life at 10,000 points and 8 new mazes will keep you chomping for hours as you try to find the new items for big points.
There’s a difficulty level for everyone, from original, normal, and easy.

PAC-MAN for the iPad and iPhone

PAC-MAN for the iPad and iPhone

PAC-MAN for the iPad and iPhone

PAC-MAN features:

   • Classic arcade PAC-MAN
   • 8 new mazes
   • 2 Control Modes – Swipe & Joystick
   • 3 Game Difficulties – Original, Normal & Easy
   • Ghost-free rounds
   • Retina Display Support
   • Game Center

Check out the Achievements and the High Scores in Game Center. Brag about your CHOMPIN with your friends, by posting it on your favorite social site or on the Chat.

Download the famous yellow circle, Pac-Man and become Chompion!

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PAC-MAN - Namco Networks America Inc.

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