Radiation Island

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Radiation Island for the iPad and iPhone

Radiation Island is awesome!

Escape the hellish nightmare as you craft your own destiny in the best survival adventure game for your iDevice.

The Philadelphia Experiment has gone terribly wrong, standing you in a parallel, alternate reality. You must discover all you can of this new and mysterious world, and the surprises around every corner.
Use the tools and weapons you find to survive, solve the puzzles and get back to the real world.

Follow your own path in an environment of breathtaking beauty and gigantic scope. Explore huge forests inhabited by dangerous wolves, bears and mountain lions.
Investigate abandoned villages and old military compounds where zombies guard vital tools, weapons and clues to the secrets of this world. You can even swim and dive, if you avoid the hungry crocodiles.

Radiation Island for the iPad and iPhone

For taking place in an alternate reality, Radiation Island is very real!
Experience the full day-night cycle and face the dangers of darkness and cold. Overcome hunger and gather fruits, fish or hunt wild animals. You will have to mine for resources and craft weapons, tools and basic vehicles.
Find hidden treasures, equipment and firearms to prevail in a world full or perils, radiation, anomalies, harsh weather and enraged zombies.

Survive and uncover the dark secrets to beat the game to unlock multiplayer mode.

Radiation Island for the iPad and iPhone

Radiation Island for the iPad and iPhone

Radiation Island for the iPad and iPhone

Radiation Island features:

    • The best survival adventure game
    • Amazing graphics take advantage of the Metal on A7 and A8 iDevices
    • Craft your own destiny
    • Solve puzzles
    • Open world environment
    • Hunt, fish and gather fruits
    • Investigate abandoned villages
    • Find hidden treasures
    • Full day-night cycle – face the dangers of darkness and cold
    • Unlock Multiplayer mode
    • Challenge friends
    • Leaderboards and Achievements
    • Game Center
    • AirPlay
    • iCloud

Radiation Island is a whole new mobile gaming experience!
Join the adventure, and try to escape the nightmare to live another day.

Download the Radiation Island game today!

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