Real Racing 2

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Real Racing 2 for the iPad and iPhone     Real Racing 2 - Firemint Pty Ltd

FireMint has set the track on fire, with their new release of Real Racing 2. Compete against the best in a 16 car grid, notably the first for the iOS in thrilling, racecar rubbing action. Still upholding their realistic graphics, that are unreal.

Choose from 30 officially licensed cars, which the AI (computer controlled opponents) must also select from, with the same performance characteristics. That’s right there’s nothing determining the winner except driving ability.

With 5 game modes you will race for hours to grasp the winner’s cup.

Career mode – unlocks new tracks and cars
Quick Race – perfect your skills, get to know your new cars, race against the clock or opponents, and select the number of laps and the difficulty
Time Trials – race the unlocked tracks against your best time ghost, upload your best times to the global leaderboards
Local Multiplayer – race against other players over a local WiFi network in an 8 car grid
Online Multiplayer – auto-matched online races for up to 16 players.

The vehicle damage is amazing, like a realistic collision you can see the damage on the vehicle. Run into another car or the trackside barrier, your car will have visual damage. Drag along the damaged mirrors or bumper until another impact takes them off completely.

HUD – Heads Up Display – shows current position, number of laps completed assists (if any), current speed and elapsed time. Don’t forget the minimap. The HUD can be turned on/off in the settings.

Race with your favorite views, 5 camera angles that you can select from – 3D Cockpit camera, Chase camera, Far Chase camera, Front Bumper camera, and Bonnet camera. Replays tv style race coverage, or you can change to any of the five cameras.

Download this exhilarating track racing game… and race for real.

Real Racing 2 - Firemint Pty Ltd

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