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RollOut for the iPad and iPhone     RollOut - Bulkypix

Check out this cute little creature!

RollOut brings you 60 crazy levels of a puzzle platform, with and old-school feel and sounds.

With a unique premise get Wabba through the puzzles and reach the portal to the next level.

Wabba is the cute little animal that moves around by rolling forward and spinning into a spiky ball. With a new and innovative control scheme to cleverly reach the portal, which is always a few platforms above the ground.

Finish in the target time and earn a medal.

In some serious scrolling action complete the levels within an allotted amount of time, and earn more points through-out the levels.

RollOut has a really smooth response of movement, this game is fun and challenging. The graphics and animation are simple, but it almost gives of an old mad scientist feeling, that is worthy of playing for hours at a time.

RollOut for the iPad and iPhone
RollOut for the iPad and iPhone
RollOut for the iPad and iPhone

Install this little ball of fun, and RollOut!

RollOut - Bulkypix

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