Sketch Nation Shooter

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Sketch Nation Shooter for the iPad and iPhone     Sketch

A new game app created by Engineous Games. I liked the option of creating your own game with-in the app, but yet the graphics are simple and rough. The controls are accurate and easy to understand, which is great for any age. I liked the background music, for it didn’t drown out the special fx sounds.

The main menu options are Create, Play, Download, Options, Feedback, and Log in.

Create: lets you make your very own game, select their saved characters for players, enemies, and bosses or create your own by using your camera, art pack or your photo library. Within their art packs you are able to edit the image, so it is pretty much endless choices at your fingertips. And there are new art packs that are offered regularly.

Play: 4 games are already preloaded. This is where you will see your games that you create after saving them. You are able to test your game before you save.

Download: offers games from others that has been saved to Facebook, So log in and share your creations with the world, download others, and rate them.

Options: select input, vibrate, music volume, and Sfx volume.

Feedback: send the creator you feedback so they can better update your app, and create new games.

Log in: get connected to Facebook right from this app, which updates leaderboards, uploads games created, and shows your friends posts on your Newsfeed.

Download this very creative app, and become a game developing master!


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