Sonic Jump

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Sonic Jump for iPad and iPhone     Sonic Jump™ - SEGA

Sonic Jump

The world’s fastest blue hedgehog is back!

Play as Sonic or his friends leaping through familiar and new Sonic worlds to battle Dr. Eggman, as you tilt and tap your way through fixed Story levels and Arcade infinite modes in this platform jumper.

Sonic Jump is full of boss battles!

Fight in epic boss battles between Sonic and his-arch rival Dr. Eggman.
Jump your way through the 36 different levels on a quest to stop the evil Dr. as you collect rings. Collecting as many rings as possible will unlock characters and power ups and more. You can also buy more rings with an in-app purchase.

Play as your favorite characters!
Jump across the legendary Green Hill Zone as Sonic, Tails & Knuckles. Each character has their own unique abilities which will help you through the new worlds including Mountain & Jungle Zones.

Challenge your friends!
Sonic Jump comes integrated with Game Center, which gives you Leaderboards and gives you the chance to challenge your friends in Arcade Mode, which is a never-ending, infinite board. So get your jumping mastered, and jump until you can’t jump anymore.

You can master your jumping in the Story Mode as you leap through levels on a quest to stop Dr. Eggman.

Stunning HD graphics!

Sonic Jump challenges your vertical jumping skills in an adventure of new heights. Enjoy the classic world of Sonic in HD graphics. With smooth controls and beautiful graphics this game will set standards for vertical jumpers.

Sonic Jump game for the iPad and iPhoneSonic Jump game appSonic Jump app

Sonic Jump features:

   • Classic-Sonic Design
   • HD Graphics
   • Multiple Characters – Sonic, Tails & Knuckles
   • Original & New Worlds
   • Story Mode & Arcade Mode
   • Challenge Friends
   • Game Center

Jump, spin and fight your way through levels to defeat Dr. Eggman. With new free updates coming you’ll be playing for hours.
I have been playing for 5 days now. It’s addicting. I can’t stop!

Install Sonic Jump now, and jump to new heights!

Sonic Jump™ - SEGA

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