Star Wars: Lightsaber Duel

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Star Wars: Lightsaber Duel for the iPad and iPhone     Star

Now the fighting begins with the app that brings facing-off in fierce lightsaber battles to life on your mobile device!

THQ Wireless Inc. has released the best lightsaber app out there. With the ability to duel your friends that have the same app installed. There’s a requirement of having support of Bluetooth peer-to-peer connectivity with 3G or 3GS phones (iPhone and iPod Touch 2nd generation or higher). Striking, parrying and crossing lightsabers react to each other, with swooshing and clashing sound effects, for an intensely exhilarating experience. Newly added force lightning, gives you a new power to master.

Choose single player mode to wield your lightsaber in traditional use, as preparing for battle. Zoom-in to the full screen mode, for real-feel action.

Play the classic music of the movies in the background for the most intense Star Wars experience, or choose from your own music library to add that special touch to your showdown.

Choose from 15 characters of the best lightsaber trained Jedi from the Star Wars Universe. You can also add yourself to the cast of characters and customize your lightsaber with new hilts, color, color intensity, write a bio and upload and image. Create more than just one.

Read all about duel gestures, about information, and other games offer from THQ Wireless Inc.

A special appearance from Emperor Palpatine with a new Force trick up his sleeve, will keep Jedi on their mental toes.

Download the virtual Force now young Jedi!


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