Tap Zoo

Written By Andrew Nimmo Page Editor

Tap Zoo for the iPod, iPad and iPhone     Tap Zoo - Pocket Gems, Inc.

It’s like a zoo in here! That’s right, create, customize and care for your very own zoo. Buy, breed and nurture your animals to become world-class safari.

Start off small and care for your zoo animals, hire workers, collect money and expand your zoo. After customizing your zoo setup, place sidewalks that encourage visitors to see all the animals and attractions. As you progress you will unlock new animals and attractions.

Keep your park beautiful by planting trees and placing waterfalls and rivers all over, build stores, restaurants, and attractions that will encourage more people to visit. Breeding animals will lead to cross breeding that can be really fun. Find out all the crazy cross-breeding combinations.

Stop by your friends’ zoos and play together! And you might find yourself on Safari.

Note: Look for the elusive Green Dragon or Stegosaurus.

Download this fun Zooventure, today!

Tap Zoo - Pocket Gems, Inc.

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