The Heist

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The Heist for the iPad and iPhone     The Heist - tap tap tap

The Heist

Take the loot and run, in The Heist

First you have to solve some puzzles Crack the open the vault.

Claim your hard-earned prize waiting for you inside. In the Top Secret Mission The Heist!

If you choose to accept the mission your features include:

A fiendishly secured vault worth cracking
4 types of challenging puzzles
60 fun, addictive puzzles to solve
19 Game Center achievements to earn, that will keep you busy for a while. And don’t forget about that sweet prize at the end!

Some of the puzzles take few minutes to figure-out. You might need to take a few tries at some of them.

I really liked how it fun for a group of us to try them, it was good entertainment.

The Heist for the iPad and iPhone<The Heist for the iPad and iPhoneThe Heist for the iPad and iPhone

So what are you waiting for? Grab your tools and get to it…

Install, The Heist, crack the vault, claim your prize!

The Heist - tap tap tap

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