The Walking Dead: The Game

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Walking Dead: The Game for the iPad and iPhone     Walking Dead: The Game - Telltale Inc

The Walking Dead: The Game

Survive the zombie apocalypse and protect a young girl!

Every player will experience unique gameplay in Walking Dead: The Game!

In a tailored game experience you will have to live with lasting consequences of your decisions you make in each episode. Your actions will affect how your story plays out across the entire series.

Survive 5 brand new episodes set in the same universe as Robert Kirkman’s award-winning comic-books. Lee Everett, a man given a second chance at life must protect a young orphaned girl named Clementine for redemption in a land gone to hell.

The Walking Dead: The Game has been split into 5 separate episodes.

You are given the first 2 episodes and must in-app purchase episodes 3, 4 and 5. We will have to wait for episodes 3-5 as they will be released periodically via in-app purchase.

Look over the list of episodes:

   • Episode 1: A New Day – AVAILABLE NOW
   • Episode 2: Starved For Help – AVAILABLE NOW
   • Episode 3: Long Road Ahead
   • Episode 4: Aroind Every Corner
   • Episode 5: No Time Left

Throughout 5 different episodes you will experience the horror of The Walking Dead: The Game as you succumb to dark, visceral emotions, as you handle the lasting consequences of your actions.

You must act fast as you’re forced to make quick decisions that are not only difficult but require an almost immediate choice.
You can’t sit there and ponder when the undead are breaking through the door

The undead are everywhere and your meaningful decision-making and problem solving are the best chance you have as you must explore and navigate the safest passageway for Clementine and yourself.

The Walking Dead: The Game for the iPad and iPhone
The Walking Dead for the iPad and iPhone
Walking Dead: The Game for the iPad and iPhone

Look over these undead features:

   • Based on Robert Kirkman’s award-winning comic book series – Zombies, People, Locations and Events
   • Tailored game experience – Your decisions affects gameplay throughout the entire series
   • Real time character speed – Act fast, quick decisions are needed
   • Adventurous horror – Explore, Solve problems and make decisions while constantly fighting for your life
   • Episodic game series – 5 episodes to survive

The Walking Dead: The Game throws you into the apocalypse!

You will experience and live out events as you know them form The Walking Dead comic series. The people, locations and events are from The Walking Dead lore.

Install The Walking Dead: The Game now and Dear God! STAY ALIVE!

Suppest: Use your headphones for the best audio experience

Note: You can save 25% by purchasing the Multi-Pack (Episodes 2-5 bundle)

Walking Dead: The Game - Telltale Inc

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