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Tiny Zoo for the iPad and iPhone     Tiny Zoo - TinyCo, Inc.

Build the best zoo ever with Tiny Zoo!

Tiny zoo is full of animals, and you have to build and design the zoo.

Choose between hundreds of animals to put in your zoo.

Lay down the flowers, walking paths, trees and don’t forget about the concession stands and much more.

With all sorts of animals, from the cutest Panda to the ferocious Lion, that you can choose from to put in the tiny enclosures.
Every day you can find a new animal to choose.

Complete whole family of 4 of each animal and they now animate!

Tiny Zoo is expanding and so is the animal kingdom.
And you need to breed animals to get more of them. Switch it up a little and make a Liger.

Find out all the animals you can combine in the Lab!

Tiny Zoo for the iPad and iPhone
Tiny Zoo for the iPad and iPhone
Tiny Zoo for the iPad and iPhone

After all your work you really need to show off your zoo, which is never easier than easy with Facebook and Twitter.

Note: Tiny Zoo requires an internet connection.

Download the tiniest zoo, today!

Tiny Zoo - TinyCo, Inc.

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