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Trenches for the iPad and iPhone     Trenches - Thunder Game Works

A World War has fallen upon the Globe, and the front line is on Europe’s door step. You must take on the lead role and defeat the evil Germans. Campaign across Europe as you lead your troops through the muddy trenches, crushing your enemies.

With 3 levels of difficulty add the Skirmish mode where you can create custom battles and even random ones for endless replayability. You will play for hours with the awesome multiplayer mode. After completing the campaign unlock Zombie Horde in Skirmish. An army of the dead has risen and it’s up to you to defeat all the waves of the walking dead.

With world class art enjoy play with your own music, or original music score. You will become addicted trying to reach over 20 achievements through OperFeint and nearly 30 GameCenter achievements. If you need help connecting via Bluetooth, Local WiFi, and GameCenter global multiplayer, receive tech support, at Thunder Game Works web site.

This is one game that is worth every penny. I recommend this app for any age and any gaming experience.

Look for the sequel Stenches: A Zombie Tale of Trenches

Download this very fun, exciting game and put a hurtin on them Germans!

Trenches - Thunder Game Works

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