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TRUCKS & SKULLS for the iPad and iPhone     Trucks and Skulls - Appy Entertainment, Inc.

A NITRO-BURNING MONSTER TRUCK physics puzzler. Smash your monster truck into Giant Skulls!

The Insane Stunt Circus is coming through town on the TOUR OF DOOM. As they cross the country demolishing steel fortresses on Hell’s Highway, The Haunted Wastelands, and Industrial Armageddon. Loaded with explosions, collapsing buildings, cool art, and the most epic collection of monster trucks ever, this monster of a game will give you hours of gaming.

Choose between DOOMSTONE, DIVEOSAURUS, INSANERATOR, THRUST MONSTER, BOMBZILLA, TRICLOPS, each with their own specialties. Solve puzzles and unlock levels, while watching for the LAVA!

Download the explosive fun and smash them Skulls!

Trucks and Skulls - Appy Entertainment, Inc.

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