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Wipeout for the iPad and iPhone     Wipeout - Activision Publishing, Inc.

Wipeout is now on mobile devices!

The Big Balls on your mobile screen, oh Wipeout!

Tackle the obstacle courses, and earn points against friends just like on the hit show Wipeout!

Now you can run, jump and splash through the craziest obstacle course Wipeout.
Attack the Big Balls with a variety of wacky contestants that represents your personality to make the fastest time. Earn style points as you bite the big-one with a wipeout or a show-stopping victory!

It’s just like the show!

As you experience every smack, crash and wallop, look around and you may notice that you’re running through actual obstacles that appear on the hit show Wipeout on ABC.
With Wipeout you can compete through an entire season which includes favorites themes and locations such as Sports Night and Old MacBallsy and some never seen before.

Even better than the show! You get to control the slow-mo and make comments of your own and send it to friends.

Compete on a friendly level!

Wipeout will pit you against friends on any of the courses, as you earn achievements and progress through tougher and tougher contestants.

Run your fastest times possible and savor the moments along the way.

Capture the perfect moment as you Re-run your epic Wipeouts in a super-slow motion view, to get the perfect snapshot. Then share that snapshot with everyone.

Check your ranking and achievement level in Game Canter to work your way up the score board.
Wipeout has integrated Game Center so you can invite friends to compete against you on any obstalce course.
To level-up more quickly earn as many style points as possible and cash them in as you unlock new shows, contestants and power-up helmets.

Wipeout’s Big Balls need practice!

I have been practicing every course in the Time Trial mode. I haven’t perfected every round, but I am working on it. And I recommend practicing the harder rounds like original obstacles on Wipeout the Topple Towers, Sweeping Arms, Taco Tossers and of course the Big balls.

Wipeout for iPad and iPhone
Wipeout for iPad and iPhone
Wipeout for iPad and iPhone

Look over these features:

   • Classic obstacles
   • A range of wacky Characters
   • Practice in Time Trial mode
   • Play entire seasons
   • Capture Snapshots in Slow-mo
   • Send Snapshots to friends
   • Unlock New Shows, Contestants and Power-up Helmets
   • Complete against Friends, Earn Achievements and scale the score board
   • Game Center Support

Wipeout is a-lot of fun, if you watch the show or not. I love watching the show, but I would replace the commentators. I just put it on mute and comment on my own.
Now I can do it while I am playing the game, how great is that!

It’s as if they have made a mobile version of WIPEOUT: The Game for Nintendo Wii and DS. It’s just a good time in a bottle.

Install the obstacle course with Big Balls, Wipeout!

Wipeout - Activision Publishing, Inc.

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