World War

Written By Andrew Nimmo Page Editor

World War for the iPad and iPhone     World War™ - Storm8

The world is a smoldering heap!

For what we can piece together, Nuclear War had broken out, wiping-out the majority of the Countries around the world. 5 Countries have emerged as the major superpowers in the devastating war. Which one will you lead to strangle-hold the world?

Storm8 LLC, has released a free online world of more than a million players, which is at war. This massive multiplayer world is made-up of Germany, China, Russia, UK, and the USA. Pick a country and start
your mission as a general defending your base from the enemy. Battle other players live, perform dangerous missions, and ally with other players and support your expanding army by building up your military base, to become the dominant force.

With real-time updates control your infantry, ground, water, and air units in strategic missions. View a list of Attack Enemies, and battle them as you complete missions. Broadcast messages to your alliance, comment on other players, and much more!

Free updates with new missions, units, buildings, and more!

Purchase honor points directly through the President screen.

Note: This is an online game only. iPod Touch users must be connected to WiFi in order to play.

Install this game now and enter the World War!

World War™ - Storm8

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