Zombie Duck Hunt

Written By Andrew Nimmo Page Editor

Zombie Duck for the iPad and iPhone     Zombie

This game in many ways resembles, the Nintendo Duck Hunt. I think it is the best shooting game app.

The shooting options have a lot to choose from, different guns, shooting button, touch screen. As you progress through the levels the ducks get faster and increase in number, also including new animals to shoot, geese, pigeons and bats. You have to move fast to keep up, reload and shoot and reload. The graphics are sharp and colorful, which makes it easy to see all of the targets.

The free version is great for how many levels it gives you. There’s an option to buy the full version, which is harder and offers more levels. Play the game as many times as you like it won’t get old.

I play this game whenever I get the chance, and have told others about it. Duck hunting at its best, and great fun!

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