Zombie Farm

Written By Andrew Nimmo Page Editor

Zombie Farm for the iPad and iPhone     Zombie Farm - The Playforge, LLC

Farm those zombies, over 9 million farmers can’t be wrong! The living-dead have put on over-alls and rolled-up there bloody sleeves, to become the best farmers.

Become the best farmer by taking your competition. Farm corpses and grow your horde to unleash them on your neighbors. Pick up the plow and choose from a rich selection of crops. With special selections for the seasons, plant all the different crops you can, and decorate your farm with buildings and decorations like fences, statues, flowers, and fountains.

View the characters stats and ability, to select the best zombie for the right job.

Hook up with a zombiette and protect her from zombie aliens that abduct your farm and leave you in havoc. Did they leave a crop circle?

Download this great zombie game and get your farmin’-on.

Zombie Farm - The Playforge, LLC

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