Zombie Highway

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Zombie Highway for the iPad and iPhone     Zombie Highway - Renderpaz

Zombies are everywhere, you and your passenger are in for a long, violent highway journey, and your only goal is to stay ALIVE!

In Zombie Highway, your ride is under attack, and the zombies are trying to flip it over. You have to tilt your device and steer to avoid obstacles. Or smash the latched-on zombies into debris. Don’t forget you can always run them down. The controls feel a little sloppy(might just be me) and the game had force closed on me.

Tap the screen to shoot your weapons like handguns, shotguns and automatics. Upgrade your arsenal from 13 guns and be on the look-out for new ones to come. You and you highly strapped passenger need ammo!

Race over and over in 3 cars, around 6 Levels in 2 environments! Check the Leaderboards in Game Center and compare your friends – kills and total miles. Then ask them to compete against you and the 7 different zombies jumping your way! Collect the Platinum Medal (unlocks silver and gold medals).

Zombie Highway for the iPad and iPhone
Zombie Highway for the iPad and iPhone
Zombie Highway for the iPad and iPhone


   • 3D Graphics – Crisp Retina Display supported
   • Immersive Audio
   • Game Center – Leaderboards
   • 13 Guns
   • 6 Levels
   • 3 Cars
   • 7 Different Zombies

Zombie Highway is fun, with so-so graphics and the fact that it had force closed it has been lowered on our ratings. But you should check out the new car “The Beast”.

Download the bloody, fast-paced, violent racer, today!

Zombie Highway - Renderpaz

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