Zombie Infection

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Zombie Infection for the iPad and iPhone     Zombie Infection - Gameloft

There’s fear in the air, and the infection is spreading in the streets!

Zombie Infection is a crazy non-stop action, survival shooter. You are thrown into the mayhem as a reporter/soldier to try and uncover the zombie outbreak of a South American town.

The genre of FPS (First Person Shooter) automatically mixes well with the zombie story line, as there’s an unlimited number of zombies and mutants, drooling, moaning and scratching for your tasty brains.

In Zombie Infection you must survive 12 levels in Campaign mode as you fight your way through favelas, mines, a zoo, docks, a boat and secret lab. Take on all the different zombies and mutants and infected animals, that come in many shapes and sizes, each with their own unique abilities. Finish off the weakened zombies with the brutal and amazing fatalities. Uncover the evil plot, as the reporter: Alex Rayne and defend yourself as the ex-soldier: Damien Sharpe, as you can switch between the two.

Get the answers you need to write your report and discover the source of the infection and the plans of the ones who created it.

Zombie Infection for the iPad and iPhone
Zombie Infection for the iPad and iPhone
Zombie Infection for the iPad and iPhone

Gameloft made this game look and feel like an early version of Grand Theft Auto. The graphics are a little rough, but the smooth movements and the precise controls make up for the visuals.

Download this game and wipe out the Zombie Infection!

Zombie Infection - Gameloft

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