Zombieville USA 2

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Zombieville USA 2 for the iPad and iPhone     Zombieville USA 2 - Mika Mobile, Inc.

Zombieville USA 2, Overflowing with zombies!

The walking dead, are creeping your way and are hungry for your brains! Blast your way out of the city and decapitate as many different levels of zombies along the way. Connect with your friends with Wireless Co-op multiplayer via Bluetooth or WiFi. Beautiful sharp graphics take full advantage of the Retina display, and incredibly fluid with stylish animation.

Customize your character by making him a cop or a clown and upgrade your arsenal and choose between a spectrum of weapons like a handgun, uzis, shotguns, grenades, a bat, an axe and a chainsaw. There’s tons of unlock-able content that advances your skill level.

Zombieville USA 2 has full Game Center integration that makes it easy to check your ranking on the leader boards and your achievements.

Zombieville USA 2 for the iPad and iPhone
Zombieville USA 2 for the iPad and iPhone
Zombieville USA 2 for the iPad and iPhone

Split their heads open, saw-off limbs or set them on-fire, blow-em’ to pieces, take out your aggression on the living dead. Watch your back they come from every angle, and keep coming and moaning, hungering for delicious Brains.


   • Full Game Center integration
   • Bluetooth or WiFi multiplayer action
   • iCloud support
   • Tons of unlock-able content
   • Pick-up-and-play action
   • Full Retina display

Download this zombie blastin’ good time, today!

Zombieville USA 2 - Mika Mobile, Inc.

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