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BombSquad for the OUYA

Party with friends with this explosive arcade-style game!

Enjoy blowing-up friends with-in a plethora of mini-games with BombSquad.
Jump, punch, throw, and bomb your way to victory in Capture-the-flag, King-of-the-Hill, Bomber-Hockey, and Epic-Slow-Motion-Elimination.

Gratuitous explosions, advanced ragdoll face-plant physics, pirates, ninjas, barbarians, insane chefs and more are waiting for you to demolish the competition. Precisely throw bombs from afar to barrage your opponents or simply charge in and toss your enemies off the nearest cliff.

Hurling bombs at enemies can blow-you-up too. Throw it and get out of the blast radius before it takes you out. Select from sticky bombs, freeze bombs, techno-bombs, mines, and environmental hazards like exploding barrels and it doesn’t take long for things to get crazy.

With BombSquad you can challenge up to 8 different players locally. That’s right 8 different friends playing at once.
Not everyone will have 8 controllers, don’t worry. You can use PC gamepads, Keyboards, Wiimotes, PS3 controllers and XBox 360 controllers. Most USB/Bluetooth gamepads are supported.
Use your mobile devices as a wireless gamepad – BombSquad RemoteAndroid and iPhone.

BombSquad for the OUYA

BombSquad for the OUYA

BombSquad for the OUYA

BombSquad features:

   • Bombs, Bombs and more Bombs
   • Arena Battle games – Capture-the-flag, King-of-the-Hill, Bomber-Hockey, and Epic-Slow-Motion-Elimination
   • High Explosivs – Sticky Bombs, Freeze Bombs, Techno-Bombs, Mines
   • Environmental hazards – Exploding Barrels
   • Physics-based gameplay
   • Single-Player mode or up to 8 local players
   • Support for multiple controllers – USB/Bluetooth, PC gamepads, Keyboards, Wiimotes, PS3 controllers and Xbox 360 controllers

BombSquad has all the explosive fun you can handle with 8 friends.

Install the bombastic BombSquad today!


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