Goblin Quest: Escape

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Goblin Quest: Escape for the OUYA

Escape the evil Dungeon!

Goblin Quest: Escape is a fast-paced Dungeon Crawler, Action-RPG and Reverse Tower Defense hybrid game. Escape the dungeon and collect the loot.

As you navigate the levels you must find keys to unlock rooms, collect gold coins, potions and gems. Search for chests that contain tons of gold coins health and protection.
You can spend your gold on items, clothing and a stash. Replenish your potions, buy weapons and spend gems on clothing.

With upgrading clothing you can increase your speed with pants and shorts, protect against damage with shirts, restore stamina with greaves, attract loot with earrings, and restore health with a medical backpack.

Goblin traps are all around like towers of the magician, evil robots and moving spikes with increasing difficulty as you complete levels. Master the potions and watch your health meter at all times as you evade enemies.
You can get an upper-hand with powerful weapons, huge Orcs, grenades, minegolder and more.

Goblin Quest: Escape has very smooth animation and tight control, which makes it very responsive game play. The graphics depict dungeon and yet are colorful and beautifully done.

Cloud saves makes it easy to always get back to gaming and check leaderboards, achievements and challenges.

Goblin Quest: Escape game for the OUYA

Goblin Quest: Escape game for the OUYA

Goblin Quest: Escape game for the OUYA

Goblin Quest: Escape features:

   • Dungeon crawler/RPG/Reverse Tower defense
   • Beautiful Graphics, colorful scenes and smooth animations
   • Search for loot – Gold Coins, health, protection and gems
   • Buy items with gold – potions, weapons and more
   • Buy Clothes with Gems – For upgrades to stamina, speed, damage and more
   • Weapons – even the odds
   • Cloud saves
   • Leaderboards, Achievements and Challenges

Run through every room to collect all the loot, find the gems and escape!

Download the Coblin Quest: Escape game today!


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