Homeland Strike Force

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Homeland Strike Force for the OUYA
Homeland Security is under a serious threat!

Homeland Strike Force is here for the first line of tactical operations. You’re given the role of team leader and stuff goes bad quick. Lead your team out of the serious threats to national security and civilian lives.
Slowly and tactically move through the buildings to clear the rooms and levels. Take out the threat and beware of explosives.

Crawl through the grass, crouch behind a tree, whatever you need to stay hidden so you can sniper your targets. Tactically move with your team and give them instruction to assist in securing the area.

Select a campaign and lead your team in tactical operations to resolve the threat or choose deathmatch and take on other players.

Homeland Strike Force gives you tons of weapons, equipment and uniforms to choose from to outfit your player.
Select a weapon and view a description, Range, Damage, Accuracy and Stability. Select your uniform that best suits your mission, like the Desert Brown for camouflage in dry and rocky areas. Equipment gives you selections of ammo, grenades, knifes and more.

HSF is currently in beta, featuring four of the eight campaign missions, where two of them are free to try. It also features four deathmatch maps.

Homeland Strike Force app for the OUYA

Homeland Strike Force

Homeland Strike Force game for the OUYA

Homeland Strike Force features:

    • Lead your special operations team
    • FPS focused on realism and tactics
    • Weapons – Name, Description, Range, Damage, Accuracy, Stability
    • Equipment – Ammo, Grenades, Knifes
    • Uniforms – Colors for different purposes
    • Sniper view
    • Campaign Missions – 8 campaigns – 2 free
    • Deathmatch – 4 multiplayer deathmatch maps

With great detail Homeland Strike Force delivers graphics that are realistic and smooth with a tight sound track.
Assist in the tactical operations to clear the threat to our national security!

Download the Homeland Strike Force app now!


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