Magic Rampage

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Magic Rampage for the OUYA and Android    

Hack ‘n’ Slash your way through this RPG!

Magic Rampage is a combination of a physics based puzzler with an arcade combat mechanics feel. This side scrolling platform game with a Medieval style comes to life with action like never before!

In the beginning a powerful warlock took over a castle, and zombified the castle guards, and you must save the king.
You must navigate through a series of dungeons and collect 3 crystals per level, and find as many hidden rooms as possible. Along with crystals you can collect coins that can be used to revive you, or purchase and unique items from the merchant.
Talk with the soldiers as you navigate through the castle dungeons. They will help you along the way, with weapons and information to save the king.

Create your own hero!
Choose between head, eyes, color and body for a unique character.
Upgrade your armor and weapons and collect scrolls and potions for health. Weapons like hammers, knifes, meat clever, swords, axes, maces and magical staffs can be thrown to take out the zombified castle guards.
If you make it through the entire Chapter, you will fight the Angry Boss.

Magic Rampage is integrated with Google Play Games services for cloud data storage, online achievements and leaderboards.

You will find a dark, yet colorful scheme to the graphics, which are great. The detail is amazing and the animation is tight.

Magic Rampage for OUYA and Android

Magic Rampage for OUYA and Android

Magic Rampage for OUYA and Android

Magic Rampage features:

    • Hack ‘n’ Slash arcade style gameplay with RPG twist
    • Create your character
    • Navigate through Dungeon puzzles, obstacles and zombies
    • Upgrade Weapons and armor
    • Potions and scrolls
    • Angry Boss fights
    • Survival Mode
    • Google Play Games Service
    • Supports: Joysticks, gamepads and physical keyboard

Find your way through the castle dungeons and save the king. Collect all the crystals and coins for the high score to rule the leaderboards.

Download the Magic Rampage game today!

Android – Please look in Google Play


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