Neon Shadow

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Neon Shadow for the Android, OUYA, iPad and iPhone

Neon Shadow

Suit up, grab your shotgun and save the galaxy with this FPS.

Neon Shadow is a fast paced Cyber Punk FPS based on the classic shooters that we all love.

Save humanity from the Dark Mechanoids that have taken over control of the Space Station. You must correct the malfunctioning cybernetics that support systems on the Space Stations.

Enjoy playing multiple game modes!
Take back the Space Station in the Single player campaign. Online and LAN multiplayer death-match mode.
Battle your friend on the same device in the co-op on tablets.

Neon Shadow app game

Along the way you’re beset by the robotic legions of the AI. Wheeled robot dogs with lasers for mouths hack at your legs, drones hover around blasting out balls of red energy, and turrets slip from hatches in the ceiling to rain death on you.

There are four weapons to collect, from a lowly shotgun to a futuristic blob gun that fires out gobbets of explosive plasma that destroy anything they touch.

You’re graded at the end of each level, with the best scores awarded for finding all the secrets, killing all the robots, and getting to the elevator in a decent amount of time. It adds an extra layer to proceedings, and means multiple playthroughs are rewarded.

Neon Shadow app for the Android, OUYA, iPad and iPhone

Neon Shadow

Neon Shadow game for the Android, OUYA, iPad and iPhone

Neon Shadow features:

    • Multiplayer
    • Old school first person shooter game-play
    • Single player campaign
    • Online multiplayer death-match mode
    • LAN multiplayer death-match
    • Cyber Punk soundtrack from Abducted by Sharks (
    • Google Play Game Services
    • Controller support for Moga controllers
    • Support for NVIDIA SHIELD
    • Controller support for Game Stop Red Samurai

Neon Shadow mixes nostalgia and modernity to create a consistently entertaining blend of gorgeous graphics and classic FPS gaming. It’s smooth, it handles the limitations of touchscreen controls well, and it thrills from the first to the last.

Android – Check in Google Play

OUYA – Look right here

iPhone –

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