So Many Me

Written By Andrew Nimmo Page Editor

So Many Me for the OUYA

Solve puzzles in classic gameplay action!

So Many Me is a very fun puzzle-solving platform, with a colorful arcade feel.
You are Filo a small green blob that can do amazing things.

One amazing thing he can do is control a bunch on clones, that help you get around obstacles, beet the Boss monsters and earn rewards like costumes, ancient artifacts and bonus levels!

As you obtain clones you can use their abilities that can be used to solve the level.
Master the clones abilities that help you boost, turn into a box, reverse, bounce, hang and float. The clones are very versatile and can do just about anything.

You end up riding some animals that also have unusual abilities. Ride these massive and powerful creatures and utilize their abilities to solve special puzzles. They come in handy sometimes to smash right through obstacles.

So Many Me is full of rewards!
You can earn rewards as you solve puzzles, or look for the big score, beating the Boss monsters. Each with their own powers and distinct characteristics, they become increasingly more difficult to beat. Overcome the challenge and reap the rewards like costumes, ancient artifacts and bonus levels.

So Many Me game for the OUYA

So Many Me game for the OUYA

So Many Me game for the OUYA

So Many Me features:

    • Puzzle solving platform
    • Classic arcade graphics and gameplay
    • Colorful characters
    • Control many clones
    • New Transformation abilities
    • Ride animals – use their abilities
    • Boss monsters
    • Earn Rewards

Play endlessly for hours on end to beat So Many Me!

Filo’s delightful adventure is endless that you must lead him through wondrous world meeting intriguing characters. You must discover new transformation abilities to progress through each chapter. Mastering these forms and using them in sequence is crucial to most puzzles.

Install the game So Many Me today!


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