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Donkey Kong Country Returns for the Wii     

The story takes place on DK island and starts when a mysterious Tiki Tak Tribe steals Diddy and Donkey Kong’s banana hoard.
Determined to take back their delicious treasure, the duo set out to catch the Tiki Tak Tribe.

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Forza Motorsports 4 for Xbox 360     

Leaving the competition in the dust, Turn 10 has finally made the release of Forza Motorsports 4 official. The ground breaking series will return to Xbox 360 in fall 2011, featuring support for Kinect as well as the classic controls you’ve come to expect from the series.

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PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX for the Xbox 360 & PS3     

Celebrate the 30th Anniversary of this arcade icon, with this new edition and eat all the dots you can. The new advances made with this game will keep your kids interested and give anyone old enough to know the arcade game a nostalgic ride. Just like before you must avoid the ghosts and eat all the dots…

Are you Hungry?

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Rango for the Xbox 360 & PS3     

Get into the pint-sized Wild West, with Rango. In this gritty action adventure game, you will experience wild rides and frantic shoot-outs with off-colored characters. I love the references to the movie and all the great graphics, and smooth movement. You will too, as the townsfolk of Dirt need you to Sheriff the streets.

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Red Dead Redemption for the Xbox 360 & PS3     

Arriving in the wild plains of New Austin, John Marston is an ex-outlaw looking to go straight. He’s a man with a muddy past looking for (you guessed it) redemption. To begin with the story is a bit of a slow burner, and you’ll be doing odd jobs for Bonnie MacFarlane on her family’s ranch before going on to ride with the local law enforcement in Armadillo. Gradually you’ll become entwined in Red Dead’s narrative web as things get more and more dark and desolate, and you run into morally void characters that thrive on the lawlessness of the Wild West.

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Shogun 2: Total War for the PC     

When the first Shogun: Total War came out, its real-time battles made you feel like you were playing through the epic battle scenes from one of Akira Kurosawa’s samurai films. Shogun 2 is like playing through a new, remastered edition of that game, complete with both the character dramas and the enormous battles. Merging beautiful graphics, scheming generals, improved multiplayer options, and deep strategic gameplay with countless small details that imbue it with historical flavor and drama, Shogun 2 is one of the most captivating strategy games ever made.

Check out the Shogun 2: Total War video game

TRON: Evolution for the Xbox 360, PS3, PSP, Wii, DS & PC     

You will love playing this exciting prequel to the new movie, an action packed free-runner bridging the story between the original TRON (1982) and TRON: Legacy.

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