Forza Motorsports 4 for XBox 360

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Forza Motorsports 4 for the Xbox 360    

Leaving the competition in the dust, Turn 10 has finally made the release of Forza Motorsports 4 official. The ground breaking series will return to Xbox 360 in fall 2011, featuring support for Kinect as well as the classic controls you’ve come to expect from the series.

If you missed the announcement trailer during the 2010 VGA Awards on SPIKE. Look for it on the Forza Motorsport’s site, as they have posted the trailer and much more.

FM4 keeps spinning the wheels in one of the most acclaimed racing simulation games available. Now supporting the Kinect system that has an engaging controller-based experience will let you take on the bone-jarring physics, unparalleled levels of customization, and rosters of dream cars and tracks. You are now able to become part of the game as you control steering with your hands.

Above: Beautiful detailed graphics that emphasize a more realistic racing experience

Experience realistic racing from the drivers seat. With their detailed graphics the cars and tracks look better than ever with options to look over the whole car, customize your ride with paint, ground kits and interiors. Choose from the widest variety of cars ever, street legal cars to the fastest formula 1 racecars. I had to laugh a little as they offer an all electric choice – the Prius. Lol

Above: Race any class of automobile from formula 1, racecars, street-legal cars, and trucks

Pease keep looking for FM4 (fall 2011), and we will update any information posted about the release.

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