Nintendo 3DS Preloaded Apps

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Nintendo 3DS     

Nintendo 3DS Preloaded Apps.

Nintendo 3DS, WOWS with 3D-COOLNESS without glasses.

I have to say this thing is awesome. I thought more people would be talking about something so cool.

The first time I saw the 3D effects, without any glasses on, I was pretty impressed. And the fact that you can control the amount of 3D, is very cool. You can play games, use apps and connect with other 3DS or DS systems near you.

I will start with the Health and Safety Information App. The Nintendo 3DS has health precautions that everyone should abide by.

Warning – 3D feature only for children 7 and over.
Viewing of 3D images by children 6 and under may cause vision damage.

Warning – Seizures
1 in 4000 users may experience seizures or blackouts, triggered by light flashes or patterns. You should consult your doctor before playing video games if you experience any of these following symptoms.
    • Convulsions
    • Eye or muscle twitching
    • Loss of awareness
    • Altered vision
    • Involuntary movements
    • Disorientation

Take a few steps to reduce the likelihood of seizures when playing video games.
    • Sit as far away from the screen as possible
    • Use the smallest screen available
    • Do not play if you are tired or need sleep
    • Play in a well-lit room
    • Take a 10-15 min. break every hour

Warning – Battery leakage.
The Nintendo 3DS uses a rechargeable lithium ion battery pack. Leakage or combustion of this pack will results in damage of your 3DS system.
If leakage occurs avoid contact with your skin. If you happen to come in contact, immediately wash thoroughly with soap and water. If leakage comes in contact with your eyes, immediately flush thoroughly with water and see your doctor.
    • Do not expose battery to excessive shock, vibration, or liquids
    • Do not attempt to disassemble, repair or deform the battery
    • Do not dispose of battery in a fire
    • Do not peel or damage the battery label
    • Do not touch the terminals of the battery or cause a short between the terminals with a metal object

Warning – Radio Frequency interference
    • The Nintendo 3DS system can emit radio waves that can affect the operation of nearby electronics, including cardiac pacemakers.
    • Stay 9 inches away from a pacemaker while using the wireless feature
    • Abide by the rules of the hospitals and airports as your 3DS system may cause malfunctions of equipment

You may disable the wireless communication with a switch on the right-hand side of the device.

Now let’s get to the good stuff.
Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo 3DS comes pre-loaded with several apps. You will find 4 Games, Settings, Internet browser, a 3D Photo and Video App, Mii Maker and Download Play for finding nearby systems to download demos and play wireless multiplayer titles.

Preloaded Games
    • Mii Maker – Make a Mii character, send characters as QR Codes
    • StreetPass – Populate your Mii Plaza and play with other systems that have StreetPass on
    • AR Games – Augmented Reality Games are used along with AR playing cards
    • Face Raiders – Take pictures of people and battle flying faces
Preloaded Photography Apps
    • Nintendo 3DS Camera – Capture amazing 3D images
    • 3D Videos – Record video on the 3DS and watch it on the 3D screen
Preloaded Audio Apps
    • Nintendo 3DS Sound – Record audio with ease
Preloaded Utilities Apps
    • Activity Log – View the amount of time used by every user
    • Download Play – Do you have a Wii, DS or DS XL? Transfer apps, Mii characters and more.
    • Nintendo Zone – 29,000 locations offer automatic and free WiFi connection
    • Nintendo eShop – Nintendo’s digital store
    • Settings – Control the Internet Settings, Parental Controls, Data Management and Other Settings

Nintendo 3DS features:

    • Internet Browser – Surf the web
    • Notifications – Set reminders for any occation
    • Friends List – keep in touch with fellow gamers
    • Notes – circle, highlight or scribble notes right on the screen
    • Brightness – Control the screens brightness, power-saving mode ON/OFF
    • Wireless ON/OFF switch
    • Volume Control
    • Headphone Input
    • Stylus Pen
    • Charging Dock
    • Charging Cord

At any time, playing a game or using an application you can use the tools on the top of the touch screen. This tool bar gives you quick access to Notes, Friend Lists, Notifications, Internet and screen brightness options. On the bottom of the touch screen, you’ll find buttons that perform actions, like go to home, open, manual etc.

If you’re like me you can opt to use the Stylus Pen on the bottom touch screen.

The systems control buttons are set-up in a very familiar pattern. The left-side of the system you’re given a thumb joystick and a D-pad.
The right-side, is where you’ll find the standard diamond pattern Y, X, A, B buttons. On the top corners you’ll find trigger buttons.

You can purchase a variety of games such as:
Kingdom of Hearts for the Nintendo 3DSSuper Mario 3D Land for the Nintendo 3DSZelda 3D for the Nintendo 3DS

If you’re ever in doubt of your next move, go Home, which is near the bottom of the Nintendo 3DS, along with the Home button, there is a start and select.
The power button is in the lower right corner.
The volume control is a slide adjuster on the left-side of the system near the SD Card insert.

As mentioned before you’re able to control the amount of 3D on your Nintendo 3DS. On the left side of the top screen there’s a slide adjuster. It’s easy to find as there’s a glowing 3D near the side adjuster.
Note: 3D imagery only applies to the screen on top.

I have to say I have really enjoyed reviewing this amazing system.
Everyone 6 and older should at-least check-out the Nintendo 3DS.

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