Zombie! Zombie!

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Zombie! Zombie! for the Windows Phone

Mutated Zombies everywhere!

The game Zombie! Zombie! is the ultimate test of your gaming skills, as you are hit with endless waves of zombies.

Five years after the outbreak of zombie virus, humans survivors gradually controlled the spread of the virus, even looking for ways to eliminate it.

Taking control of the city has become a threat to one of the raid teams. The team is trapped in the city, surrounded by a crowd of zombies.
Their lives are being threatened, and you must go in and save them…

Zombie! Zombie! is a FPS (First Person Shooter) with top 3D animation perfectly blended with realistic sound and graphics. Take on 2 challenging game modes. The weapons are created with real life data that gives you the most realistic shooting experience. Upgrade and purchase new weapons as you level-up.
Check your ranking on the leaderboard, collect rewards for achievements. Check your record and see your kills, headshots and floor.

Guide your way through the city with Multi-point touch controls for easier operation.

Zombie! Zombie! game for the Windows Phone

Zombie! Zombie!

Zombie! Zombie! game

Zombie! Zombie! features:

    • 2 Game Modes
    • Multi-point touch controls
    • 3D animation
    • Realistic Sounds
    • Realistic Weapons
    • Challenges
    • Rewards
    • Record
    • Achievements
    • Leaderboard

Get the raid team out, control the city and save the day!

Download the game Zombie! Zombie! today!

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