Bodybuilding Workouts

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Bodybuilding Workouts app for the Android

Get RIPPED with Bodybuilding Workouts!

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Everyone dreams of a muscular body along with fitness. But you have to work hard to achieve it, we have done our part, now it’s your turn to prove yourself.

These exercises are perfect for everyone males or females of any age, chose exercises feasible to you, including Chest, Shoulders, Biceps, Abs, Legs.

Bodybuilding Workouts provides a Database of hundreds of exercises for muscle building, these exercises includes exercises with equipment and exercises without equipment.

The app allows user to add exercises from database to respective weekdays in order to form a full workout routine.

Time your workout!
When viewing the exercise details, you have a tab for Start Workout and add to Programs. Start Workout takes you to a Stopwatch, which is also included to help you maintain your timing during sets. When added to Programs, you can Start Workout or View Options.

Bodybuilding Workouts app for the Android Bodybuilding Workouts app for the Android Bodybuilding Workouts app for the Android

Bodybuilding Workouts features:

    • Get fit
    • For both Males and Females
    • Hundreds of Excercises
    • Workout Details
    • Duration
    • Stopwatch
    • Programs

The Bodybuilding Workouts app is great for maintaining a fit and shapely body!

Download the Bodybuilding Workouts app now!

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