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Google Body for the Android    

Now you can view a 3D model of the human body. You can view different anatomical layers, zoom in and navigate to parts that interest you.

Not sure of the name of the body part you are needing to look at, zoom in and the area your viewing will display labels of the names of body parts, muscles, bones, organs and much more.

With a swipe of a finger change view of a 3D model of the human body. Zoom in by placing two fingers on the screen and slide your fingers apart. And the opposite to zoom-out, place to fingers on the screen and slide them-in towards each other. Rotate the model up, down, left, or right, tap a body part to identify its name.

Google Body gives you a terrific means to learn each different body part by tapping the 3D model or by searching, type in the name of what body part you are thinking of, and the screen will display the body part. In a layering fashion from skin, muscles, organs, bones, nerves, and veins view the 3D models medically accurate detail.

     Google Body for the Android
     Layering Views of the Body from Epidermis to Nerves

The automatic settings are for a “single slider” where you look at the body in layers. It’s not as gross as it sounds since it’s all animated and these are not photographic images. I would suggest clicking the bottom button on the left side to set it for “many sliders” allowing you to add and subtract systems at will. I like to leave the skeleton slider on as to have a reference point for everything else I’m looking at.

From studying or simple curiosity this app is an amazing learning tool. Kids will love this really cool app to learn about the body, and adults will love it to have the medical knowledge.

Google Body for the AndroidGoogle Body for the Android

You need to check out this app, It’s great!

Download this app to Google the Body!

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