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Health Insurance Guide for the Android    

More and more individuals fall victim to the pitfalls and mistakes of having the wrong insurance. Correct those mistakes with the knowledge of everything about insurance coverage with this FREE app.

The Android App Team has created this application that gives you a diploma in Health Insurance 101. If you have all the information of each specific plan you will be able to make a better choice of the best coverage for you and your family…. By following these easy steps

First: Read the WHAT which explains the difference between Indemnity Health Insurance and Managed Care Plans. There’s also a very detailed descriptions of Disability Insurance, College Health Insurance, Health insurance Plans Availability, Long Term Patients Insurance, Dental Benefits and Co-Payment for Married.

Second: Look at the HOW and read a very easy to understand article covering How to get Short-Term Health Insurance. But that’s not it find out if Cobra can help you, or how Group Health Insurance works. Don’t forget to think about How to avoid Unauthorized Insurers and Living Abroad.

Third: Understand the HISTORY of insurance starting with definition of a Quote. The story starts with the beginning of civilization, neighbors helping neighbors to insure future help. Read all about the differences and adaptations to the methods in which we apply insurance to life through-out time. In another sense of history read the history of Health Insurance in the United States, from 1850 to current day. There is a category More which explains Health care in Canada, Health Plan VS Health Insurance, Comprehensive VS. Scheduled, and Other factors affecting Insurance.

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If you have followed these steps go ahead and surf some internet and look at some insurance companies through the ad bar at the bottom of most pages.

Empower yourself with the knowledge and make Health insurance simple. I recommend this app for everyone.

Download this app today and have this great tool at your fingertips!

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