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Pedometer for the Android    

Would you like to know how many steps you take in a day, or track your run. There’s an app for that. Levente Bagi created an application that counts your steps using sensors in your phone.

This app uses your mobile devices sensors to count the steps you take, and displays your progress on a bright screen with large numbers and has the ability to notify you by voice. The easy to read screen displays number of steps, pace, distance, speed and approximate calories burned. All of which can be selected in the voice notifications, of the settings screen. Choose the time value of intervals, from 15 seconds through 10 minutes. There’s also a sensitivity setting, Units (miles or kilometers), step length, Body weight, Exercise type, Maintain pace/speed.

I did not have a great experience with this app, as the step count was off, even after selecting very high sensitivity. If they ever release another update hopefully they can work on the sensitivity.

But that’s no reason to stay on the couch, get up and move around and stay healthy!

You can find this application on your device in Google Play

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