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Fitbit for the Android, iPad and iPhone


Track your daily activity with your phone!

Fitbit connects with Fitbit’s line of Activity Trackers and Aria Smart Scale to your phone.
Easily access this important information on-the-go, with a continuous Bluetooth sync!

Set Goals, track your trends, stay motivated!
Accurately track your all-day activity including steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, active minutes, sleep and waking.
The sleep mode must be manually started, but has good reading of restless through out the night and when you are awake.
View all this sleep data and every activity on easy to read charts and graphs.

Stay motivated with sharing stats and challenging friends and family. View the leaderboards, notifications and badges.

Stay on-top of your Food and Weight and workouts!
You will have to enter this info yourself. Open Fitbit, select calories eaten and add the new entry. You can keep a log of your workouts and enter your weight manually, unless you have the Aria Smart Scale which syncs with the app to track your weight automatically.

iPhone 5s users can get all of these functions and experience the power and accuracy of Fitbit right on your smartphone using the M7 coprocessor to track your basic activity.

Fitbit app for the Android, iPad and iPhone Fitbit fitness app Fitbit app

Fitbit features:

   • Track Activity – steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, active minutes
   • Sync Wirelessly – sync
   • Log – Food/Weight/Sleep/Workouts
   • Stay Motivated – Leaderboards, notifications and badges
   • Easy-to-read Charts & Graphs
   • iPhone 5s – M7 coprocessor tracks basic activity right from your phone
   • Activity Trackers – Fitbit Zip, Flex, Force and One
   • Weight Tracker – Manually enter or use Aria Smart Scale for automatic sync

Take a minute to view all the choices of Activity Trackers, to find the best for you.

Fitbit Flex Fitbit Flex                Fitbit Force Fitbit Force

Fitbit Zip Fitbit Zip                   Fitbit One Fitbit One

              Aria Smart Scale Aria Smart Scale

Keep track of your health, set new goals and stay motivated with social inspiration!

Install your fitness friend, Fitbit now!

Android – Check in Google Play

iPhone –

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