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Glow Baby app for the Android, iPad and iPhone

Are you expecting?

If you are, Glow Baby – Feeding Tracker is here to make everything a tad-bit more organized.

I am expecting my first child. With no knowledge of anything to come, this application is perfect to learn, track milestones and connect with other parents.

With the help of the Glow Baby – Feeding Tracker app, I can stay on top of everything for caring for baby.

The Glow Baby – Feeindg Tracker app will help you log and time all aspects of your baby’s care: From bottle feeds, to breastfeeding, to diaper changes, sleep schedules, developmental milestones, medication and growth charts.

If you are going to be a new parent, relax, there are tons of answers for common questions right in the app.

Plus Glow Baby has partnered with the Baby 411TM – the renowned book for new parents – to give you daily articles that provide clear answers & smart advice for your baby’s first year.

Track your baby’s milestones and enter info into pediatrician-approved charts. Track everything from sleep, diapers, feeding, temperature, medicine, ailments and growth.

Everything from growth charts, milestones, feedings and sleeping are accessible in a .PDF for your next doctor’s appointment.

Glow Baby app for the Android, iPad and iPhone Glow Baby app for the Android, iPad and iPhone Glow Baby app for the Android, iPad and iPhone

Glow Baby – Feeding Tracker features:

   • Track baby’s feeding, pumping, bottles, milestones, poops, pees, sleep and more
   • Take notes on moments that matter, upload photos about baby
   • Check off baby developmental milestones as sanctioned by the CDC
   • Connect with other parents in our in-app community to discuss your baby
   • Daily articles about milestones and feeding and more from Baby 411TM
   • Customized insights delivered on your baby’s milestones and development
   • Supports multiple children at once
   • Timers! Time your baby’s feeding schedule, your pumping schedule, your baby’s sleep schedule
   • Easily access & control your timers via notifications
   • See complete daily and weekly summaries of your baby’s feedings, activities and milestones
   • One-click PDF summary of all data, (feedings, sleep, milestones) accessible for the next doctor’s appointment
   • Summary document contains a list of all milestones achieved and milestones yet-to-come
   • Beautiful, interactive growth charts
   • Take your own daily notes on feedings, sleep and milestones achieved
   • Track baby’s sleep down to the very last nap
   • Chart baby’s diapers, correlate with baby feeding
   • Keep tabs on each feeding, whether by bottle or breast
   • Define each poo diaper by color and texture to ensure baby is feeding well
   • Record baby’s temperature, medicine and ailments
   • Growth Charts (Weight, Height, & Head Percentiles with WHO datasets.)
   • Add past feeding entries and milestones easily in addition to using the timers
   • Connect with your partner, so that you can take care of the baby together
   • Get support and parenting advice about your baby’s milestones and growth charts from the vibrant Glow Baby Community
   • Participate in anonymous parenting polls about your baby’s milestones and growth charts

Glow Baby has it all and is the single best resource for new parents!

Download the Glow Baby – Feeding Tracker app today!

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