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LoseIt! for the Android, iPad and iPhone

It’s pretty simple! Count calories, you will lose weight!

Set a calorie budget with LoseIt! And track your food and exercise. Stay motivated, get support from friends to make smarter choices and achieve your goal.

This fitness application is based on the proven principles of calorie tracking and peer support for healthy, sustainable weight loss.
Tracking has never been easier with a comprehensive validated food and exercise database, free calorie counter and food tracker and barcode scanner.

LoseIt! connects with others for support, seamlessly connect to devices and food information that is customized to fit your life.
Easily add Food, Exercise to your weekly budget and number of calories under budget.
Build recipes and share them with others. Quickly check Today’s Meal & Exercise planning, Today’s steps, your set target, and how many more you need to earn bonus. Today’s nutrients, has nutritional info of the food you have entered.

Achieve your goals of weight loss, macronutrient intake, blood pressure, sleep, body fat, hydration, exercise, steps, NikeFuel and more.
Set your goals and achieve them on your terms.

LoseIt! app for the Android, iPad and iPhone LoseIt! LoseIt! Fitness app

LoseIt! Features:

     • Food Tracking made easy
     • Comprehensive validated food and exercise database
     • Free Calorie Counter
     • Barcode scanner
     • Recipe builder
     • Share recipes, acheivements, challenges and motivation
     • Personal customization

     • Premium Upgrade:
       • Apps & Device Support
       • Challenges – Weight Loss, Exercise, Days Logged, Fruits & Vegetables, Total Wellness
       • Join/Create Challenges – Join Public or Hidden, Create Public, Private or Hidden

Getting started is easy. Install Loseit!, tell them about yourself and your weight loss goal, and they will create a custom weight loss plan for you. Then start logging your food and exercise.

Logging exercise is even easier now with support from other apps and devices.
Apps and Devices supported:

   1. Fitbit (One,Zip, Flex, & Classic)
   2. Jawbone Up
   3. Withings Body Scale
   4. Fitbit Aria Body Scale
   5. Nike+ Running App
   6. RunKeeper
   7. MapMyFitness
   8. Facebook
   9. Twitter
   10. CarePassby Aetna
Note: Premium upgrade required

LoseIt! connects with Friends, Family and Peers around the clock for motivation and support. Access your support network through social features, to connect with Friends, Control Privacy, Join Public Groups, Join Private or Hidden Groups, Create Public, Private, or Hidden Groups.

Connecting with others brings also comes with competition. The new Challenge features, unlocks your competitive side and helps you achieve your goals with head-to-head, team and group-based challenges.

Challenge types: Weight Loss, Exercise, Days Logged, Fruits & Vegetables, Total Wellness Challenge

Join/Create Challenges: Join Public, Join Private or Hidden, Create Public, Private or Hidden
Note: Premium upgrade required

LoseIt! Gives you all the tools you need to achieve your weight loss goal, in the palm of your hand!

Download the LoseIt! App now!

Android – Check in Google Play

iPhone –

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