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Runtastic Pro app for the Android, Windows Phone, iPad, iPhone, iPod and Apple Watch

Runtastic PRO is a Sportcoach for any activity, now on Apple Watch!

That’s right, take this personal tracking app for running, biking and other sports activities, where ever you go!
Map your activities and track your progress (distance, time, speed, calories, altitude, pace, etc.). Show your friends how active you are and share your success with them.

The Runtastic PRO application uses the built-in GPS and shares it with friends.

You can save all your workouts at Using the online community you’ll get further analysis, metrics and comparisons to your friends.
Additionally, you can choose a training plan and track your body statistics. Share all your workouts easily with the Facebook and twitter connect.
Geotagging is new as you can take pictures during a workout and view those pictures online at your map trace. You login from your mobile device or from a home computer where you can view a map of your run with a highlighted path, Time of Duration, Distance, Pace.
Along the highlighted path, there are numbered blocks that indicate pictures taken, right form your Apple Watch.
Runtastic Pro app for the Apple Watch

Show friends your progress with live tracking, and get encouragement from cheers and motivating messages from friends. You can monitor your heart rate if you purchase the Polar Wearlink+ Bluetooth or the Zephyr heart rate monitor, both are supported.
Set your goals to your ability and hear voice feedback to achieve your potential.

Runtastic PRO lets you keep pace to the music and listen to your favorite playlist and music from your music library.

This is the best integrated function for a workout app, I need music for my workout.

Runtastic PRO for the Android, Windows Phone, iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch Runtastic PRO for the Android, Windows Phone, iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch Runtastic PRO for the Android, Windows Phone, iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch

Runtastic Pro app for the Apple Watch

Runtastic PRO features:

   • Voice Coach: Audio feedback based on your personal preferences
   • Auto Pause: Session paused automatically when you stop moving
   • Routes: Create or find exercise routes on & sync to phone
   • Challenge a Run: Compete against yourself by challenging past activity results
   • Colored Traces: Colors indicate training changes, such as pace & elevation
   • Powersong: Integrated music player & Powersong to give workout a boost
   • Training Goals: Select a calorie, distance or pace goal to optimize training
   • Interval training & coaching and dynamic split tables
   • Geotagging: Take photos during workout & see pics online with map trace
   • Weather, temperature & sunrise/sunset data to assist with scheduling of training
   • Use for running, jogging, biking, skating, cross country skiing & hand bike training
   • Map your workouts in real-time with built-in GPS & monitor your progress (time, distance, speed, pace, calories, altitude, etc.)
   • LIVE Tracking & Cheering: Share location, receive messages & cheers
   • Mapping: Detailed live mapping and historic mapping of previous sessions (Google maps)
   • Dashboard configuration: Display preferred statistics
   • Graphs: Get charts with altitude, pace, speed & heart rate information
   • Performance analysis with lap times
   • Set goals for time & distance
   • Accurate calculation of elevation gain & loss
   • Manual entry of workouts: Add treadmill, spinning & weightlifting workouts
   • Monthly and overall metrics for distance, number of workouts, duration & calories
   • Share your success on Facebook, Twitter & Email
   • Ad Free
   • Apple Watch: Start a Runtastic activity directly, view details of current activity, control your music, statistics and share

Runtastic PRO is a great fitness tool to stay on track with your goals and analyze your performance. You can view all of this information on easy to understand graphs: get charts with altitude, pace, speed and heart rate (if used with heart rate monitor).

I think this app can be utilized by anyone of any age that is starting to workout.

Install the funtastic running app, Runtastic Pro!

Android – Please look in Google Play

Windows Phone – Check in the Windows Store

iPhone –

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