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Aetna Mobile for the iPhone     Aetna Mobile - Aetna Inc.

With a few bugs to fix, Aetna Mobile is providing a very useful app that offers FIND A DOCTOR, DENTIST, PHARMACY, HOSPITAL AND MUCH MORE.

If you would like to look up the status of a claim, find a specialist, make an appointment, and get turn-by-turn directions. If you need an estimated price for prescription drugs, they have you covered. This is the best Insurance application you can install on your mobile device.

Aetna has thought about patient privacy with an automatic sign in with username, and password to access the features of your account. It is very secure.

After login view all your important information including:

Claims – Your 5 most recent claims, from your Dentist, Doctor, and Pharmacist.

Member ID Card – Front and back view of your Card information.

Drug Prices – Receive estimated drug costs before filling a prescription.

Personal Health Records – Store Emergency information, and Medications or get alerts and reminders.

Once-a-year Account Confirmation – after updating your account check it on your computer or this app.

Maps – from your current location get driving directions to Doctor offices, Dentists offices, Pharmacies, and Hospitals with an easy to navigate map.

Note: there are a few things you will need to look in to as you install this application. Keep in mind if your plan is in your name or your parents, if you have more than one plan, these issues do not keep you locked out, just limited to info.

Download the most useful health insurance app out there.

Aetna Mobile - Aetna Inc.

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