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Breeze – Activity and step tracking made simple – FitnessKeeper, Inc.Breeze for the iPhone

Improve your fitness with guidance and motivation!

Breeze unlocks your iPhone 5s’s hidden activity tracker to automatically monitor your steps and movements, reach out with real-time coaching around the progress you’re making, and celebrate the smart choices you make throughout the day.

Automatically track your daily activity and steps!
Breeze uses your phones motion and location to keep track of the all of your walks, runs and other movement throughout the day… even when your phone is in your pocket! Get a bigger picture view around how active you actually are, when you move the most, and where you go when you’re out and about.

Effortlessly improve your fitness!
Being healthier doesn’t have to be hard. Breeze eases you into fitness by setting up intelligent, personalized daily activity targets that are based on your past and grow as you improve. During the day, Breeze helps you stay accountable with smart, real-time status updates on your progress, and clear visibility into how ‘on track’ you are towards your goal.

Make fitness fun!
Get fit with Breeze and make it fun. Highlight your notable activities as they happen, providing interesting context about your daily and historical activity, and celebrating your progress along the way.

Celebrate your progress!
Explore your daily and cumulative history from the beginning of your time with Breeze. Keep track of your best days, and develop a deeper understanding of your routines.

Breeze for the iPhone Breeze for the iPhone Breeze for the iPhone

Breeze features:

    • Automatically track your daily activity and steps
    • Effortlessly improve your fitness
    • Make fitness fun
    • Celebrate your progress
    • Share your success with friends
    • Saves battery-life

Share you success with friends!
Don’t go at it alone. Share and compare your epic days, completed goals, and activity profile with friends on Facebook, Twitter, RunKeeper and beyond!

Save your battery!
Despite keeping you on track and monitoring your activity levels all day – even with your phone in your pocket – Breeze is smart about using energy.

Install the Breeze fitness app!

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