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iMuscle for the iPad and iPhone     iMuscle - iPhone edition -, LLC


A new cutting edge 3D technology that helps get you in shape, with over 450 hi-quality 3D animated exercises and stretches.

iMuscle is a sophisticated workout aid that can be taken anywhere. Use it to identify a body part or individual muscle by zooming into a 3-Dimensional human body with the musculature exposed. Then access all the exercises associated with the development/rehabilitation of that muscle.

This application can be utilized by more than just the individual user. With the multi-user capability, fitness instructors will find this to be perfect for their needs. Also all the anatomical modeling, labeling and descriptions are medically accurate making this an ideal app for physiotherapists.

iMuscles 3D modeling is amazing, where you can view and rotate the muscle in 360 degrees. If there’s something you can’t see or need to identify zoom-in or out on any exterior muscle or muscle group. There is also a duel index that can search for both individual muscles and particular exercises. And follow the tips and hints for every exercise. Create your own custom workouts and add as many users as you would like.

Do you have a particular body area you would like to work on, zoom-in on that part of the 3D muscle man. Then choose a muscle to work on – a thumbnail list of all the exercises associated with that muscle will appear. After selecting one of the exercises you will see an animated 3D model performing that exercise. The primary and secondary muscles being exercised will also be highlighted. You can search for a particular muscle or exercise by selecting the appropriate tab in the index function.

iMuscle for the iPad and iPhone iMuscle for the iPad and iPhone iMuscle for the iPad and iPhone

iMuscles mission is to keep you working-out, and that is just what it does!

Download this fitness application and keep your i on the muscle!

iMuscle - iPhone edition -, LLC

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