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Written By Andrew Nimmo Page Editor

Priority Health Member for the iPhone     Priority Health Member - Priority Health

Priority Health has given you all your Health Insurance information in a convenient app. Easy-to-access ID Card, Contact information for you doctor’s office, and more.

Your main menu is very simple and easy to understand with 3 buttons. One for your ID Card – with all your information, Member ID number, Group, Prescription coverage, Urgent/ER, Primary/Specialist, Deductible with a second card for information of your Dentist. A second button for MY Doctor – gives you contact number, Address and more options to add more doctors. And the third button is My Family – lets you save family information that would be important for emergencies.

Have access to your copays, which is great information to have at your fingertips. If you need to send information to the doctor’s office, hospital or pharmacy, fax it to them right through this app.

Note: For your first start-up of this app you must create an account at

Download this free app today, and keep your Health Insurance in order.

Priority Health Member - Priority Health

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