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Tracknburn for the iPad and iPhone     Tracknburn - Healthy U Technologies, LLC

Keep up on your New Year resolution and get fit. Keep your workout schedule and you will soon see results. There are so many ways to track your progress and now it is even easier to have the information of a personal health trainer at your fingertips.

Healthy U Technologies, LLC has updated their app to bring you the simplest, most accurate, and intuitive personal health application ever that helps users track food/diet and exercise to achieve personal weight and fitness goals.

The best features offered in this app:

Personal calorie budget calculated each day, Goal oriented weight loss, Track all nutrients (like carbs, fiber, sugar), Food updates every 2 weeks, for free!
Experts say it is better to track something and set goals in the progress of weight loss, if it be calories, carbs, ext. Along with tracking something in a journal and exercise weight loss changes can be permanent.

Check out some other features:

Toggle between US and metric, Export everything to Excel (csv file), Push over-the-air notification updates, Back-up your data to our secure server, Daily logs are easy to edit and view.

I like Tracknburn, it is the most technologically advanced app for losing weight and sculpting your body!

Download this app, workout, and Feel the Burn and then Track it!

Tracknburn - Healthy U Technologies, LLC

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