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Valentine’s Apps for Android, iPad and iPhone

Valentine’s Day is coming soon! is here to help.

We have debated the question. What are the basic actions to ensure a romantic day?
We talked for an hour and have agreed upon 3 basic ideals. Remember the day, Purchase the gift, Plan out the evening. These ideals have created the need for specific actions, for which we have listed 4 easy steps for anyone in love!

  Step 1. Set the date Feb. 14 on your device’s calendar
  Step 2. Order flowers, candy, romantic apparel, hotel reservations and any other products online, it’s much easier              than going to so many different stores.
  Step 3. Prepare your evening in a timely fashion, restaurants and hotels are very busy Valentine’s Day.
  Step 4. Read through our list of applications for Valentine’s!


– for that perfect sultry song, or watch an erotic movie!

Fandango Movies for the Android, iPhone iPod Touch and iPad    

Fandango Movies – Times & Tickets

Everything you want about movies in the theaters, brought to you by one of the top movie goer sites on the web that has won multiple Awards. Browse the app and find a movie, the time, the place, directions and fan ratings and check out trailers.

Read the review of Fandango Movies it’s Fandastic!

Free Music Download Pro for the iPhone and iPod    
Free Music Download Pro

Free Music? Almost sounds too good to be true!

Now with Free Music download Pro you get just that – free music. You can download FREE & LEGAL music, anywhere you want to listen. There’s Hundreds of Thousands of free songs available.

Read all about Free Music Download Pro

iheartradio for the Android, iPhone iPod Touch and iPad    

The new update of iHeartRadio brings you the best all-in-one radio experience!

By combining the nation’s top radio stations with the world’s most advanced Custom Stations into a single, seamless experience.

Read all about iHeartRadio

Netflix for the Android, iPad and iPhone    

TV, Movies all on the go!

Watch your favorite shows without commercials, when and where you decide. Selections are categorized by genre, actors, or search by titles.

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Pandora for Android, iPhone and iPod    
Pandora Radio

Personalized radio service, that streams to your device.

Pandora, it’s like your own radio station.

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– to play with your loved one!

Angry Birds Seasons for the Android iPhone and iPad    
Angry Birds Seasons

Everyone’s favorite frustrated finches are back, with Cupid’s bow.
Help the birds get their egg back so they can be together for Valentine’s Day.

Please read the review of Angry Birds Seasons

Bag It! for Android, iPhone and iPod    
Bag It!

Stack-up the fun with Bag It!

Collect all 3 stars, and both medals for each level.

Read our review of Bag It!

DragonVale for the iPhone and iPod    

Create a beautiful magical land full of dragons!

DragonVale is a brand new social experience. Share your dragon land with your friends and help each other with gifts. You can even breed your dragons to create new and exciting types. Raise them from hatchlings, and care for them, feed them and watch them grow into giant pets.

Read the review of DragonVale

Snoopy’s Street fair for the iPad and iPhone    
Snoopy’s Street Fair

Help the PEANUTS gang build and organize a street fair!

Snoopy’s Street Fair is celebrating the Holiday Season.

Take a look at the game Snoopy’s Street Fair

The Simpsons: Tapped Out for the iPad and iPhone    
The Simpsons: Tapped Out

Build a Springfield with The Simpsons: Tapped Out

Homer accidentally caused a meltdown that whipped out Springfield, D’OH!

Take a look at the game The Simpsons: Tapped Out

News and Information

– for Valentine’s planning!

iKamasutra for the Android iPhone and iPod    
iKamasutra, the perfect position for Valentines!

If you’re looking to spice up your Valentine’s Day look no further.
iKamasutraSex Positions from Kama Sutra and beyond Kamasutra, can help any couple in the bedroom on this the most intimate of holidays.

Read all about iKamasutra

Groupon for the Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod    

Do you hate carrying all those coupon clippings? I do!

There’s an easier way to get the best deals around your city. Receive unbeatable deals each day on the best stuff to do across the U.S.

Please look at the Groupon review

OpenTable for Android, iPhone and iPod    

OpenTable is a great app for foodies!
If you need reservations for a table with top-notch dining, this application is your answer.

Read all about OpenTable

Yelp for the Android, iPad and iPhone    

Find nearby businesses, read reviews and find great deals!
Use Yelp, to search nearby bars, restaurants, cafes, gas stations, shopping and more. Now you can check-in and share on Facebook and Twitter and make reservations with OpenTable.

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– for those romantic memories!

Camera+ for the iPhone and iPod    


Tired of old boring photos? Add the effects of high-quality SLR lens, to the camera already in your device.
Camera+ will give you professional photos even with your point-and-shoot fundamentals.

Read the whole review of Camera+

Camera Advance for the Android    

Camera Advance

Android devices now have a full featured photo camera app!
Camera Advance raises the bar for taking pictures on Android devices. With the features offered with this great app, you’re getting standard must-haves and new exciting technologies.

Look over the review of Camera Advance

Wood Camera – Vintage Photo Editor for the iPad and iPhone    
Wood Camera – Vintage Photo Editor

Create stylish vintage photos with this unique camera app!
Most camera applications have a small editing selection, Wood Camera – Vintage Photo Editor offers more features with a professional feel.

Take a look at Wood Camera – Vintage Photo Editor


– for that perfect gift!

ProFlowers for the iPhone    

Send flowers – Quick delivery of roses, tulips, plants and more!

Send the freshest flowers and plants from ProFlowers for any occasion. Choose from dozens of beautiful bouquets and plants like roses, lilies, succulents and more.

Please look at the ProFlowers review

Red Laser for the iPhone and iPad    
Red Laser

Can’t find a price tag on the item you want to purchase, no problem just grab your mobile device and use this app…

See the full review for Red Laser for the iPhone and iPad

shopkick for the Android, iPad and iPhone    

Do you shop? Then you will love shopkick, the hottest shopping app.

Read our review of shopkick for the iPad and iPhone

Target for the iPhone and iPad    

Target has included a new barcode scanner. What a great addition to their already amazing free shopping app. As of Nov. 16th (just in time for the holiday season!)…

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