Transit App

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Transit App for the Android, iPad and iPhone

Transit App

Do you use public transportation? Get on the Bus, Train or Subway!

Transit App makes it easy to figure out the Bus, Train and Subway schedules. Wherever you are, just use this app to know when the next bus, train, subway or in some cities even ferries are arriving. See all nearby departures instantly and plan the fastest way with the trip planner.

The best part of this application shows you exactly where your bus or train is on a map in real-time (where available), so you can watch your ride approaching.
Find schedules and route itineraries even without an internet connection. Plan-out your perfect commute or compare transit directions for speed, expense, ease of travel and time related departures.

Finding directions has never been so easy, at-least in the sense of using public transportation.
Searching for new addresses and favorite routes comes with easy-to-use convenient features like Star your favorite routes to bump them to the top of the list, Icons and Home, Work and Current Location for easy selection.

All routes Mode shows you any route and stop in your area. Connecting to another train or subway is easy with Train/Subway autocomplete suggestions.
With Transit App you can visually see your trip on a map using busses, trains, subways and ferries. Use the ability to search locations using Stop Codes or Stop Lists: linear representation of all routes.
Compare transit directions, from times of departures, length of travel, time of arrival and Leave Now.

Looking to leave right now!
Search Nearby Routes to see every arrival near your location. Search a list of arrivals in order of time. The first route will show you Route Number, Departure Station and time left till arrival.

Transit App Transit App Android Transit App iPad and iPhone

Transit App features:
   • Know at a glance when your next train or bus is arriving
   • See exactly where your bus or train is on the map in real-time (where available)
   • Find scheduled departures and route itineraries even without an internet connection
   • Star your favorite routes
   • Plot routes on the map
   • All routes Mode – explore any route and stop in your region
   • Train/Subway stations in autocomplete suggestions
   • Ability to search locations using stop codes
   • Stop Lists – linear representation of all routes
   • Improved offline mode – Faster, more Reliable and takes 20x less space on devices
   • “Minimize Walking” setting (Enabled by default)
   • Ability to save home and work shortcuts for easy access

Where can you use this app?
Transit agencies in most large cities have been integrated into Transit App like New York, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Tampa and even other countries as Canada, Mexico, Columbia and France are supported.
Please check iTunes and Google Play for full list of cities and transit agencies.

Transit App makes it easy to use public transportation. Take a ride, plan a trip, commute, Off you go!

Install the Transit App now and Get on the Bus, Gus!

Android – Look in Google Play

iPhone –

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