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Uber for the Android, Apple Watch, Windows Phone, iPad and iPhone

The modern taxi, is at your fingertips!

That’s Uber sweet if you ask me. It’s even cooler when you consider getting to know your driver, watching as they arrive, directions and maps, comparing rates, easy payment and earn points.

With the Uber app you can request a ride and get picked up within minutes with the push of a button. Request a driver from an on-demand service with no reservations.

Compare the different rates between uberTAXI, uberX, uberBLACK, uberSUV, uberLUX and get fare quotes. After selecting the type of vehicle, you will be shown a map with those closest to you. Even if you aren’t sure of the address use your current location on the map to select your pickup location.
To get a quote, choose a vehicle, enter your pickup and destination and the calculation of the base rate, per min or per mile fee, safe rides fee, min fare, cancellation fee will be easily displayed.
From the map zoom-in to Select a car and view the Drivers Name their rating, type of vehicle, a picture and their ubercode.
If you select a driver, watch on the map as they arrive in minutes.

Uber requires their drivers to maintain a rating of 4.7 or higher to continue driving for the on-demand service. They are also required to hold the conversations in the cab in-confidence and look the other way if you were to kiss or something.
I took comfort in knowing that.

Now do all this on Apple Watch, Request a ride with a single tap, check your drivers progress in real time and on a map.
Uber on Apple Watch

Once you get to your destination, pay for the excellent service right on your mobile device. Select to pay with PayPal, Google Wallet or a Credit Card that has been saved to your secure account. The fare is automatically charged as your reach your destination. You will receive a receipt within minutes of arrival, with a rating of your experience.

One of the coolest features has to be the splitting your fare. Ride along with others, for splitting the fare equally.
You can also look for promotions offered from Uber. You can receive $10.00 off your first ride from uber.com/signup. American Express Card members can receive 2x points on eligible rides. Or receive a free ride code from Google Play or iTunes.

A Break-down of the Uber vehicles:

     1. uberTAXI – A midsize SUV TAXI
     2. uberX – Everday cars, cheaper than a taxi
     3. uberBLACK – The original, high-end sedan
     4. uberSUV – A full-size SUV
     5. uberLUX – The finest cars

Uber for the Android, Windows Phone, iPad and iPhone Uber for the Android, Windows Phone, iPad and iPhone Uber for the Android, Windows Phone, iPad and iPhone

Uber on Apple Watch

Uber features:

    • Request a ride within minutes
    • On-demand service – no reservations required, no waiting in taxi lines
    • Compare rates or different vehicles for a fare quote
    • Easily set your pickup location
    • Get connected to your driver and check the progress of your uber at anytime
    • Push notifications – replace SMS messages about trip updates
    • Shareable links with map trip ETA
    • Splitting-fare – riders can split the fare equally
    • Receipt emailed at destination
    • Automatically charged account – PayPal, GoogleWallet and account Credit Card
    • Can be set to a separate business account
    • Promotions
    • Apple Watch

The service covers 43 countries, 130 US cities and are adding more everyday. Search uber.com for your city or signin to view, available uber vehicles, Help Center and your team.

I had a great experience using the Uber app, from the personal driver, the ride, ease of use and payment. Just knowing you’re not getting ripped-off is comforting.

Get to your destination in style, in a timely fashion conveniently from your mobile device.

Install the Uber app today!

Android – Please check in Google Play

Windows Phone – look right here

iPhone –

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