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Waze for the Android, iPad and iPhone     Waze social GPS traffic & gas - Waze Inc. 


Waze social GPS traffic & gas

Community-based, real-time traffic and navigation app. You get the low-down on the cheapest gas too!

With Waze you can plug-in to the driving community in your area.

Type in your destination and a map with a highlighted turn-by-turn directions appears. At the top of the screen you’re given graphical and written directions. The bottom of the screen gives you the ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival), Reports and Sharing.

Along with these normal features you’ll find the community reports from around the area. The community provides unique real-time road alerts, specific to the time and location.

The entire community consists of 20 million users and generates real-time traffic and road alerts including accidents, hazards, police traps and more.

As the community thrives you must earn points and move up the ranks. How you ask?

It’s easy. Just provide the community with road info.
Simply contribute to the community by driving around with Waze open.

After becoming more familiar with the app you can start alerting others with a report.
To report something tap the      in the lower-left corner, and select what you’re reporting, Traffic jam, Police, Accident, Hazard, Camera, Chit chat, Map issue, Gas prices, Check in.

With safety at-hand, your device doesn’t have to be.

Set your device down, and keep your hands on the wheel.

Waze is a hands-free voice-operated app with complete voice-guided navigation. You will even see and hear a notification of automatic re-routing as conditions on the road change.

This app will even learn your frequent destinations, commuting hours and preferred routes.

Say you want to meet-up with a friend you can send you location/destination and ETA. With saved data and real-time traffic, you can send and ETA in a message to a friend.
You can join or create groups to share about your commute and with friends on Facebook.

Waze social GPS traffic & gas for the Android, iPad and iPhoneWaze social GPS traffic & gasWaze app

Navigate these features:

  • Community generated traffic and road alerts
  • Complete voice-guided navigation
  • Automatic re-routing
  • Learns your frequent destinations, commuting hours and routes
  • Find the cheapest gas on your route
  • Redeem Wazer-only gas specials (Participating gas stations)
  • Share your location/destination and ETA
  • Join or create groups
  • Earn points and move up ranks in your community
  • Live maps, constantly updated by Waze community map editors

Waze social GPS traffic & gas

The community can save you money on gas, in more ways than one!

As you’re driving you will find your map has gas prices for most of the surrounding gas stations. If you tap a gas report you can view an over view including the name and address. Click the expand arrow for more info.

Along with finding the best price for gas you are given Wazer-only specials on gas at participating gas stations.
Note: Currently only in the US.

Note: Running a GPS app in the backgorund can use battery life very quickly!

Download Waze and be part of the community today!

Android – Check in Google Play

iPhone –
Waze social GPS traffic & gas - Waze Inc.

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